The price is what?

ImageMisfits is a show that, had it been accurately described to me before I started to watch, I probably would have given it a miss. The concept is pleasing enough – five young offenders are caught up in a storm that gives them superpowers – yet the overall story arc never really goes anywhere. The show lives and dies on the strength of it’s episode-by-episode story lines.

With genre fiction such as superhero stories, I am usually looking for something a little more involved – a larger plot with some consequence – to keep me tuning in week after week. Misfits doesn’t have that. Luckily, it has some very funny script-writers that consistently turn-out border-line ridiculous story lines that kept me tuning in to see what they will think of next.

This is a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s not to say that it doesn’t allow its characters the occasional moment of poignancy, but generally it is too concerned with crazy powers, time travel and zombie cheerleaders to get too Imagebogged down in the serious stuff. It succeeds in providing thrills and laughs despite a limited budget and the well-trodden territory.

The characters are suprisingly likeable (particularly Simon, the introverted and seemingly odd one, and Kelly, the foul-mouthed estate kid) and when they aren’t likeable, they are very funny (Nathan and, following his departure, Rudy).Yet as characters fade from the spotlight, the show manages to maintain my interest (something that another British genre show, Being Human, is failing to do), thanks in large to the sharp writing and nutty stories. I have every confidence that series 4 won’t disappoint.


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