Fringe will get its finale!

ImageIf, like me, you have very much enjoyed entering the odd and unpredictable world of Fringe on a weekly basis, you’ll be glad to hear that the show has been renewed for a fifth and final series. Despite its ailing viewing figures, Fox has seen fit to renew the series and, since we are more used to Fox crushing our dreams (the cancellation of Undeclared, Wonderfalls and Firefly are the ones that still hurt the most), I thought it prudent that we give them their dues on this occassion and vocalise our appreciation for what they have done here.

Fringe fans have long feared the worse. A series has not gone by without a perpetual feeling of fear that the end is just around the corner and that we’d never get to see any conclusion to this bizarre, multi-faceted story.

When the first series premiered it was billed as the latest compelling densely-plotted mystery from the creator of Lost and received the viewing figures that reflected this promise when more than nine million people tuned in. Fast forward to series 4, and the series premier figures had fallen to 3.5 million.

Yet Fox has stuck with it and now we will get to see a conclusion to the story in this (altered) universe, the other universe and the dystopian future we have only just glimpsed.

Fringe is unlike any other show on TV. The blend of technology, old and new, and the fantastic has resulted in a feel that is futuristic (thanks, in part, to the super-advanced ‘other universe’) and grungy at the same time. The sheer volume of science fiction concepts thrown in (time travel, science-induced superpowers, omnipresent observers and alternate universes, to name the big ones) and the main focus of exploring the possibilities of the human mind, has created not only a platform for exploring interesting ideas, but also a story that is as unpredictable as it is just plain nuts. I for one am glad the showrunners will have an opportunity to create a satisfying conclusion.

Click here to read what the President of Entertainment and J. J. Abrams have to say.


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