A glimmer of hope for a future classic

Lizzie and Sarah was one of those rare beasts, a genuinely originally British comedy show. Created by and starring Julia Davis (Nighty Night, Gavin and Stacey) and Jessica Hynes (Spaced), Lizzie and Sarah tells the story of two down-trodden suburban housewives who take extreme measures to escape the drugery of their daily lives.

The show was awarded a pilot episode despite the unusally dark subject matter. Unfortunately, the BBC panicked at the last minute and consigned their excellent-but-potentially-controversial show to a late night premier. It was duly ignore by the majority of the public (thanks to the time slot and the near-complete lack of advertising).

As a result, Lizzie and Sarah was never awarded a full series. For those of us who were lucky enough to stumble upon this little-seen gem, it was a tragedy that a full series was never commissioned.

Yet there is a glimmer of hope. Julia Davis is reportedly still very keen to get the series made;‘I’d happily explore more,’ she said. ‘We have a lot more ideas and I would love to work with Sarah again.’

Although I haven’t seen it, Davis has just finished work on a show called Hunderby with Sky Atlantic, a channel fast developing a reputation for giving comic artists the freedom to create original material. Atlantic recently commissioned a TV-version of Adam Buxton’s BUG (search Youtube).

British television comedy is something I have fallen out of love with recently. Not since the golden age (well, my golden age, at least) of shows such as Black Books, Spaced, Big Train and Red Dwarf, has a show come along that has inspired me as much as Lizzie and Sarah. Nothing would make me happier than seeing a show this hilarious and shocking given an opportunity in this TV-comedy wasteland.

Thanks for the heads up, Chortle.


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