Michael J Fox is coming back!

No news could make me happier than the announcement that Michael J Fox will be returning to television screens in his first regular role since 2001. During his absence we have glimpsed the man in various cameos and guest-starring roles, though nothing significant to truly satisfy those of us who miss him the most.

Fox announced to the world in 1998 that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His final cinematic efforts – Mars Attacks and The Frightners (no, I don’t count the Stuart Little series) – were a few years prior to this and he finished his regular TV gig on Spin City a few years later.

Whilst I enjoyed Spin City and a number of his other films (the ones mentioned above, along with Doc Hollywood, Teenwolf and Casualties of War), it was his performance as Marty McFly in the Back to the Future series that cemented a very permanent place in my heart for Fox.

So it is fantastic news that he will be back on our television screens once more. According to Vulture, his new show may well be loosely based on Fox’s own life, which kind of makes sense. He has always been a prominent activist, working hard to raise awareness of his disease, so it stands to reason that he might be coaxed back into the public eye with the purpose of continuing his increase awareness of Parkinsons.

Anyone who has read Fox’s book, Lucky Man, knows that he can tackle this subject with honesty and wit. That he will get an opportunity (the show is virtually guaranteed to get a full series order thanks to Fox’s involvement) to apply this passion in a dramatic form is very, very exciting.


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